Sea Freight: Disruptions in French Ports

12 Jun 2024

Work stoppages are scheduled in all major French ports on multiple dates.

June 12, 2024:
Actions taken in the ports are suspended starting from Thursday, Ju...

Latest news: Ocean Freight Disruptions in French Ports & Red Sea - Impact on Global Trade

19 Feb 2024

Discover the latest updates on Ocean freight. Stay informed about strikes, delays, fluctuations in freight rates, and strategies for navigating a tense marke...

Maritime Freight : Port Congestion and Delays

30 Jan 2024

we are experiencing a gradual increase in port congestion that may result in delayed deliveries or pick-ups and unplanned costs, such as port storage, etc...

The Panama Canal Drought: A Turning Point in Sea Freight

18 Dec 2023

The maritime freight industry is currently facing a significant challenge due to an ongoing drought at the Panama Canal. This situation is leading to substan...

Ocean Freight : congestion issues in North European ports

27 Sep 2022

Over the last 18 months, the entire range of North European ports has suffered from congestion issues...

Ocean freight : Delays in the evacuation of containers - Le Havre

21 Sep 2022

TDF - TERMINAL DE FRANCE Le Havre : a very high occupancy occurred longer processing times...

OOG: How to transport bulky goods out of gauge?

11 Feb 2022

Are your goods bulky or heavy? You need to ship them internationally...

QUALITAIR&SEA reaches Top 7 French Airfreight Forwarder

10 Sep 2017

Through a segmented client offer, Qualitair&Sea is ranked top 7 export french forwarder by IATA-CLASS.

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