Our Commitments

For more than 30 years, QUALITAIR&SEA has been fully committed to complying with the regulatory requirements in force in the fields of Health, Safety, Security, the Environment and Professional Regulations.


Our Sustainable Development approach

Quality, a concept in our DNA

Our Sustainable Development approach relies on a responsible managerial system based on our values ​​to give confidence to all of our "internal and external stakeholders" (interested parties). It represents the framework of application to the values ​​which define the pattern of relations in the group. Its mission is to support the company in adapting and reinventing its management system in order to remain competitive, sustainably Efficient and Responsible. 
The principle of performance measurement has gradually imposed itself on the entire group: each employee is involved in the process, in particular by signing our charter of values, which constitutes the principles of quality.

Improvement and progress

  • Competition in our Supply Chain and Freight Forwarding businesses is very strong and the principle of improvement aims to progress in order to stand out.
  • The implementation of an integrated management system guarantees the deployment of methods and tools for harmonization, organization and management.
  • It makes it possible to calibrate the different structures of the group in relation to our charter of values ​​and our standards.


  • Our approach promotes the development of innovation and allows us, through better organization, to be constantly proactive
  • This capacity for innovation and excellence is enhanced by our various labels and approvals.

Deploy the Group's strategy

  • The Q2SE approach represents a structuring management reference on which the deployment of the Group's strategy is based.
  • The implementation of processes makes it possible, among other things, to guarantee the reliability of the group, particularly in terms of legal matters, safety, security and the working environment.

Our Sustainable Development approach

Our Sustainable Development Approach is based on an integrated management system enhanced by our approvals

CSR commitments

Health & Safety approach

Each employee must take care of their health and safety as well as their colleagues according to their training and functions.


The hazards and risks related to our activities are identified and listed. The control systems put in place are defined according to the associated risks in the risk identification table. The single document is based on this assessment.


The identification of hazards, the assessment of risks, and the control systems are carried out using the “Hazard identification” procedure (C. HSST.140003). Following this assessment, a priority health and safety action and prevention plan is implemented. All of the instructions and means of prevention are included in the safety booklet available on our intranet and given to each new entrant upon integration.


This approach also complies with the legal requirements and standards in force.


A regulatory watch is set up and regularly studied to ensure compliance with the requirements incumbent upon it. In addition, each employee of the company must record any incident in order to be able to report to his superiors any incident observed having an impact on health and safety.

After each feedback, an investigation can be set up by its hierarchy, the CHSCT, and the Q2SE service. These investigations are carried out according to the “Investigation in the event of an incident” process.

Environmental approach

Our Group 's environmental approach is based on the analysis and control of our environmental impacts (Procedure C.ENV.140001).

Our significant environmental impacts (IES) thus identified are:

  • paper consumption
  • Energy consumption
  • Waste production
  • Handling of dangerous products.

Control systems have been put in place to reduce these impacts: double-sided printing, dematerialization, employee training and awareness, recycling of cans, plastic bottles and cups, etc.

This environmental approach also complies with legal requirements and other standards in force. 

A regulatory watch is set up and regularly studied in order to ensure compliance with the requirements incumbent upon it.

An Integrated Management System

ISO 9001

  • Regulation
  • Organization
  • Process approach

ISO 14001

  • Regulation
  • Continuous improvement
  • Environment


  • Security
  • Customs
  • Safety

ISO 45001

  • Regulations
  • Health Hygiene
  • Security


Our Q2SE policy

This approach is based on the application of our values ​​and in particular the search for continuous improvement.

The Q2SE strategy supports QUALITAIR&SEA to:

  • Sustain and develop our relationships with our customers
  • Enhance our performance in the service of operational excellence by informing and training our employees, anticipating risks, measuring internal and external satisfaction, reducing costs
  • Simplify our processes
  • Engage in a responsible purchasing approach
  • Reduce our environmental impacts through dematerialization and recycling
  • Anticipating risks that could impact the health and safety of our employees
  • Integrate the normative and regulatory requirements related to our businesses as a performance lever.

Continuous improvement

Our continuous improvement approach is based on the following principles

  • Internal audits
  • The treatment of non-conformities, anomalies and customer complaints 
  • Health and safety, environmental and business risk analyzes
  • The triggering of corrective actions or improvement actions
  • A business continuity plan
  • Improvement plans

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