Discover a fast growing, responsible and ambitious corporation. Joining QUALITAIR&SEA means joining an empowered and engaged team of individuals in a stimulating, fulfilling and dynamic work environment.

Since its founding in 1986, QUALITAIR&SEA brings great value to clients by drawing on an in-depth experience and sector expertise. Today, as one of the French leading providers of Freight Forwarding and international transportation, we offer major companies a comprehensive range of reliable, secure and agile transport and logistics solutions.

The integration and monitoring of clients’ entire supply chain

  • At QUALITAIR&SEA, we offer multimodal transport and logistics solutions covering air, ocean, road and rail freight.

Multicultural teams

  • 20 Nationalities, 15 spoken languages (english, spanish, portuguese, italian, arab, Japanese, turk, russian…)

Our name is a commitment

  • Our name reflects the commitment of our teams, our personalized service and a dedicated approach.

The willingness to outperform and commit to clients’ success

  • As an ambitious company, QUALITAIR&SEA reinvests all its results in strengthening its teams and personal skills, and in the development of innovative technologies.

A dynamic flexible structure

  • Proudly part of Crystal Group, QUALITAIR&SEA is a corporate structure with extensive decision-making autonomy and decentralized responsibilities.

A solid reputation for expertise and efficiency

  • Recognized within the Transport and Logistics industry by its clients, each and every employee is a brand ambassador.

Our Core Values

Our core values have shaped our corporate culture since the very beginning. Our growth has been built upon solid foundations, and guide how we work with our clients and each other. Driven by our mission, we are connected by our values and a common passion for our profession.

  • Opening up to others, their ideas, their differences.
  • Trying to understand the expectations of others.
  • Being attentive to others.
  • Favors in all circumstances upward, downward and transversal consultation.
  • Explains and informs regularly about the changes and evolutions of the company.
  • Understanding that one is more creative with others than alone.
  • Listening and respecting everyone’s opinion.
  • Showing patience.
  • Taking the time to listen and not just hearing.
  • Nurturing team spirit.
  • Leading by example.
  • Knowing how to say yes and sticking to it, it’s also knowing how to say no and explain it.
  • Meeting deadlines, and making promises we can keep.
  • Being verbal about the commitments and responsibilities.
  • Determine the objectives and to follow them to completion.
  • Delegating responsibilities.
  • Accepting the risk of failure and/or error.
  • Being supportive of the decisions and/or actions taken.
  • Respecting our work environment, as well as our different approvals and our quality system.
  • Encouraging initiative taking at all levels.
  • Communicating a strong and distinguished image.
  • Imagining services with high added-value, ahead of those offered by our competitors.
  • Adapting to the market’s evolution and anticipating our clients’ needs.
  • Innovating on new ways of working at all levels of the organization.
  • Knowing and accepting to constantly question oneself.
  • Knowing your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Regularly looking for points of reference and ideas, inside and outside of the corporation, including our competitors.
  • Encourages internal and external personal growth through training.
  • Fostering internal promotion whenever possible.
  • Constantly improving our services, our working methods, and our procedures.
  • Putting together our individual expertise in a manner that is team-oriented and collective.
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