Logistics Consulting & Control Tower

Solid expertise and comprehensive operational tools to help you overcome your Supply Chain challenges. At QUALITAIR&SEA, we help optimize your Supply Chain by handling all the requirements of the electronic interface between the transport actors.

Supply Chain & Transport Control Tower capabilities

A 4PL is neutral and manages the logistics process, regardless of the carrier or Freight Forwarder. 

  • An “à la carte” offer adapted to the needs of your Supply Chain and your business model.
  • We are able to work with any carrier, forwarder and/or customs broker.

Outsourcing & Dedicated On-Site Implants

  • Dedicated on-site implant teams to process each and every customs operations, transportation, sales administration, supplies, etc.

Control Tower Control & Flow Management

  • Monitoring and optimizing of all operations and costs
  • Risk Management and evaluation of performance providers

Project Management

  • IT Transport TMS
  • Bring core business expertise, defining functional needs
  • Implement Change Management

Consulting & RFP Engineering

  • Mapping flows and constraints study
  • Define operational and tariff plans
  • Conduct comparative tariff studies
  • Evaluate cost reduction issues and optimization of the supply chain

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