OOG: How to transport bulky goods out of gauge?

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Are your goods bulky or heavy? You need to ship them internationally and you don't know whether or not they can be transported in a sea container? Depending on the packaging of your shipment (number of packages, dimensions, and gross unit weight), exceptional transport called "out of gauge" may be implemented.


What is the transport of “out of gauge” goods?

Goods are said to be “out of gauge” when they cannot be transported in a container with standard dimensions (20/40’ dry or High Cube).These are generally large, heavy, packed or unpacked gear, machinery, vehicles or equipment that can be transported:

  • in specialized container,
  • in conventional (break bulk),
  • RORO (loading in hold in a ship transporting vehicles).

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Why carry out the transport of your “out of gauge” or OOG (Out of gauge) goods by sea?

Transport by sea is particularly suitable for oversized goods, static packages, rolling stock (Ro-Ro), etc. because it offers a multitude of solutions.
It makes it possible to transport very large volumes or very heavy goods over medium or long distances in the most suitable and secure conditions.

The pre and post shipments of the goods from their point of departure to the point of delivery will be carried out by trucks in "exceptional convoy" or by barges depending on the places of exit. For each transport, a preliminary study will be carried out by our experts to check the accesses, the technical constraints, the necessary authorizations and thus determine the best option.

What are the solutions for your "out of gauge" shipments?

1/ Specialized containers

  • The "Open Top" container allows loading on the bridge or by crane for oversized goods at height. Depending on this height, the container may or may not be covered.
  • The "Flat Rack" container: platform with walls at each end. Designed for the transport of bulky goods (machines, vehicles, reels, etc.), it allows an overrun in height and/or in width.
  • The platform container: it is the equivalent of a flat rack container without the walls at the ends. It allows an overrun in height and/or width and/or length.
  • “Flat container bed”: for extra bulky goods. Some companies load conventional goods on a bed of several flat containers. This loading is carried out on container ships in the hold or on deck.

2/ Conventional loading (break bulk ship)

Bulky parcels, vehicles, equipment, etc. are loaded directly into the ship's hold (under deck shipment) or onto the hatch cover if "on deck" loading is accepted.

Loading on board is done either by quay cranes or by onboard cranes. For very large or very heavy packages, a direct pick-up on a truck or on a barge may be considered.

The vessel used will be either a regular line vessel or a fully or partially chartered vessel.

3/ Ro-Ro

The transport of rolling stock is done by Ro-Ro ship also called Ro-Ro (Roll-on/Roll-off).

The ro-ro is equipped with a mobile access ramp which allows vehicles (cars, trucks, semi-trailers, machinery, etc.) or containers transporting "oversized" goods to enter and exit while rolling.

Ro-ro ship
inside the car
Ro-ro ship garage

Why entrust us with the transport of your “Oversized” goods?

Our dedicated teams are at your side to support you!

  • Upon receipt of your package, a tailor-made study will be carried out to determine the best option (depending on the nature, dimensions of the goods, technical and administrative constraints, etc.) and ensure transport in the best safety conditions.
  • All the stages of the expedition will be examined: pre-transport, maritime transport, post-routing, installation on-site, customs clearance, legalization of documents, storage...
  • The solution will include both the tariff proposal and the technical proposal, taking into account the notice required (authorizations for road transport, availability of specialized containers or places onboard ships).

Operational excellence:

  • Proximity to our customers and ability to respond to their technical issues
  • A dedicated team of experts trained in studies and projects
  • Global "tailor-made" offer for all modes of transport (air freight, river, rail, sea, road) and all flows (export, import, cross-trade) integrating the management of customs, packaging, packaging, and logistics services.
  • Local support in the foreign countries concerned
  • Advanced management of transport suppliers
  • Organization of lifting on port sites, airports, and on customer sites
  • Certifications ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001
  • Customs expertise supported by our AEO status
  • Customer portal: track & trace, monitoring of service quality (KPI), extraction of dashboards.

Example of an "out of gauge" transport carried out by QUALITAIR&SEA

Product transported

  • Departure point: Sfax (Tunisia)
  • Final destination: France (department 54).


  • Heat exchanger weighing 34,800 gross kilos.

Preliminary study

  • Route study for heavy and bulky package
  • Administrative management (pre-requisites, regulations, authorizations, etc.)


  • Shipping on a 40’ flat rack out of gauge container.

Handling: loading and unloading

  • We have carried out a lifting by means of a machine adapted to the technical characteristics of the heat exchanger.
  • Used a handling machine of 130 tons available only 240 km from the loading point.
  • Unloaded the heat exchanger at the customer's premises.

Presence of teams on site at the start and finish. Tailor-made coordination and follow-up of the operation from start to finish.

Customs clearance

  • Customs clearance was carried out by our teams.

Our experts support and advise you!

The logistics of “out of gauge” maritime transport requires great expertise and experience. QUALITAIR&SEA has it and puts it at the service of various customers in the industrial sector, in particular mining, oil, renewable energies, etc.

Our customer service is available 24/7 to answer your questions, give you advice by e-mail or by phone.

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