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Sea Freight: Disruptions in French Ports

12 Jun 2024

Work stoppages are scheduled in all major French ports on multiple dates.

June 12, 2024:
Actions taken in the ports are suspended starting from Thursday, Ju...

Latest news: Ocean Freight Disruptions in French Ports & Red Sea - Impact on Global Trade

19 Feb 2024

Discover the latest updates on Ocean freight. Stay informed about strikes, delays, fluctuations in freight rates, and strategies for navigating a tense marke...

Maritime Freight : Port Congestion and Delays

30 Jan 2024

we are experiencing a gradual increase in port congestion that may result in delayed deliveries or pick-ups and unplanned costs, such as port storage, etc...

The Panama Canal Drought: A Turning Point in Sea Freight

18 Dec 2023

The maritime freight industry is currently facing a significant challenge due to an ongoing drought at the Panama Canal. This situation is leading to substan...

Ocean Freight : national strikes issues

07 Jun 2023

Countrywide transport and most notably to and from French ports has been severely impacted since early March due to repeated national strikes...

Delivery or pick-up delays due to fuel distribution issues

14 Oct 2022

The strike of oil refinery workers creates severe petrol and diesel fuel distribution issues....

Ocean Freight : congestion issues in North European ports

27 Sep 2022

Over the last 18 months, the entire range of North European ports has suffered from congestion issues...

Ocean freight : Delays in the evacuation of containers - Le Havre

21 Sep 2022

TDF - TERMINAL DE FRANCE Le Havre : a very high occupancy occurred longer processing times...

OOG: How to transport bulky goods out of gauge?

11 Feb 2022

Are your goods bulky or heavy? You need to ship them internationally...

Air freight situation and airport congestion

20 Dec 2021

We have been facing a sharp increase in volumes and longer processing times for imports by air...

Locate your shipments in real-time with our Track & Trace tool

13 Sep 2021

In addition to our customer portal and its mobile application providing visibility on shipments and performance indicators...

Simplified customs clearance procedures (DCN)

26 Feb 2021

French customs offers solutions to facilitate customs clearance and rationalize costs.

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