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Delivery or pick-up delays due to fuel distribution issues

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The strike of oil refinery workers creates severe petrol and diesel fuel distribution issues. Due to the shortage, French gas stations still stocked with fuel are struggling with supply bottlenecks generating long queues. This situation may result in delivery or pick-up delays.

delivery or pick-up delays

Strikes at refineries and fuel depots in France

Striking oil refinery workers have stopped production lines and prevented delivery of petrol and diesel fuel to service stations, resulting in severe shortages throughout France. 

The strike is expected to continue over the next few days.


This situation is creating severe petrol/diesel fuel distribution issues, generating vehicle queues of over 3 hours to refuel, when fuel is available.

Nationwide only 30% of stations can provide fuel,  with 1 out of 2 in the Paris area.


Please take into account that this situation may result in delivery or pick-up delays.


Thank you in advance for your understanding as this situation is entirely out of our control.


The Qualitair&Sea team is nonetheless mobilized to identify alternative solutions when possible, and will keep you informed of future developments.

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