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Air freight situation and airport congestion

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December 20, 2021

The aviation sector is under pressure due to a strong increase in volumes

Dear customers,


For several weeks now, we have been facing a sharp increase in volumes and longer processing times for imports by air.


In view of the volumes of cargo to be handled, space, equipment and manpower shortages at many airports in Europe persist.

Switches of sea freight shipments to airfreight are accentuating this congestion situation. They generate massive arrivals of large volumes and significant processing delays.


In this context, our representative organizations have contacted the relevant parties involved at Roissy airport: the airlines, handling companies and airport authorities to find solutions for improvement in the short and medium term.

While waiting for the situation to improve, you can rest assured that our teams are working hard and adapting on a daily basis in order to meet your needs as best as possible and we are trying to find alternative solutions as far as we can.


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