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Locate your shipments in real-time with our Track & Trace tool

In addition to our dedicated customer portal and its mobile application providing visibility on shipments and having performance indicators (KPIs), QUALITAIR&SEA is providing a new, precise Track & Trace tool in partnership with Wakeo.

New digital automation service, added-value creation:

In this perspective of providing more service and creating value, we are continuing to invest in developing this transparency of customer information.

This precise Track & Trace tool therefore complements our digital automation approach and its use aims to improve our performance on two levels: customer satisfaction and operational productivity.

A Track & Trace tool that allows:

  • Automation of the collection of tracking information for integration into our operating tool
  • Real-time monitoring to visualize where the shipment is located
  • Precise visibility of the arrival of your shipments and facilitate decision-making related to stocks and supplies
  • Gain proactivity: alerts to quickly identify major delays or unforeseen routing changes in order to notify customers as quickly as possible
  • Gain in the quality of advice and offer you alternative solutions
  • Gain in productivity: our operational departments are relieved of this information gathering from companies (made even more complex and time-consuming in the current context) and can devote more time to other missions.

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