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A message from Eric HENNET – Managing Director of QUALITAIR&SEA

Dear Customers, Dear Partners,

I hope you and your close ones are doing well in this current context, which is so complex and dramatic in too many cases. 

The population of the majority of the countries of the world is in confinement due to the expansion of COVID-19, and from a social and economic point of view, we are living in a major crisis of unprecedented magnitude.

The international transport of goods is an essential link for maintaining your logistics chain and for the continuity of the economic activity of our country. More than ever, our industry is mobilized to ensure the supply of products, especially those of basic necessity.

Empathy and respect

In these difficult times, QUALITAIR&SEA, international transport agent, is making every effort to ensure the delivery of your goods and continuity of your Supply Chain. 

Beyond the usual relationships of trust that we maintain in work, the ordeal we are going through gives an even stronger meaning to our missions by placing essential human values ​​such as empathy and respect at the heart of our systems, at each instant. 

  • Empathy and respect guide our actions aimed at preserving the health and safety of our teams and partners. 
  • Empathy and respect guide our desire to preserve and maintain links with all our counterparts and make it an absolute priority, even from a distance: customers, employees, and partners.

By your side during these challenging times

In these difficult times calling on all of us to show even more solidarity, we would first like to thank you for the trust and confidence.

We participate, very humbly, in the smooth running of the flow of goods, whether to respond to the emergency supply of essential sanitary equipment or to contribute more broadly to the maintenance of international trade on which many production lines and end consumers depend. 

Meeting your expectations in the best possible conditions, and offering you alternative solutions, these are our missions and our primary purpose. These missions are today marked by an additional challenge during these unprecedented times. 

We will be by your side during these challenging times. 

Our teams are operational 24/7 to keep your operations running, and your usual contacts can be reached by e-mail or telephone. 

Do not hesitate to voice your needs, whatever their specificity, ask for advice, or simply exchange and make a point.

We thank you for your trust and loyalty.


Stay safe and healthy,

Your satisfaction is our priority.



Managing Director

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A message from Eric HENNET – Managing Director of QUALITAIR&SEA

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