COVID-19: Full charter by air with medical supplies handled by QUALITAIR&SEA Germany

Over the long Easter weekend, QUALITAIR&SEA Germany handled an full charter by air with vital supplies including masks, face shields, and thermometers from Guangzhou, China to Tel Aviv, Israel using B777-300ER PAX aircraft.

During the COVID-19 crisis, our dedicated German team organized the smooth running of medical supply chain shipments of over 5.000.000 masks, 2.000 thermometers and 15.000 face shields from a large Chinese supplier for further distribution to hospitals and other medical places in Israel.


The prompt and compliant transport and logistics solutions provided by QS Germany were made possible thanks to the close collaboration of all parties involved including the shipper’s agent in China as well as the consignee’s agent in Israel.

This supply chain challenge was coordinated in a timely matter, as shortly before the weekend new customs regulations in China became effective and every single carton had to undergo exam (the last cartons had only been released by customs about 4 hours before flight departure!).

A big thank you to everyone involved, proud of our team’s commitment and sense of responsibility during these challenging times.

We are proud of all our teams who work for YOU every day!

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