Customer Service is our attitude

New Year Wishes from Eric HENNET

Dear Customers, Dear Partners,


A new year is opening up to us and with it all the best.


2020 will have been marked by the emergence of a global health crisis as unexpected as it is brutal. Our lifestyles are changed as a result and many economic activities have been impacted. Paradoxically, it is often in adversity that beautiful virtues are revealed: adaptability, agility, creativity, or even solidarity. We have endeavored to react quickly in this unprecedented context to ensure the continuity of your operations by rethinking our solutions, offering you alternatives and advice.

We pursue this mission with passion and determination, cultivating a spirit of operational excellence. Valuing the customer experience will definitely be at the heart of our 2021 objectives: distancing cannot have a hold on listening to your needs, your opinion, and your confidence.

Staying close to you and continuing to share is essential. Be assured of our support, both through your usual dedicated contacts and through interactive digital media and other technologies of the future that we will develop further.


Thank you for your trust and loyalty.

Happy New Year to all and see you soon! 



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